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How We Work

No banks, no fees, and no commissions.

We are experienced property buyers who know that dealing in fairness and respect is the right way to do business.

Do you want to sell your house quickly and easily? Are you facing foreclosure, probate or Inheritance problems? Or maybe you just want to get an honest cash offer and move on to better things in your life?

Whatever the challenge you are facing right now there is help!

3 easy steps to get you a FAST CASH OFFER TODAY

Step 1:

Contact our team

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and wait for one of our team members to schedule an appointment with you.

Step 2:

Professional Consultation

You'll receive a call from our team to discuss how we can help! After we have discussed the details about your property, we can provide you with the right solution to get you the most CASH for your house.

Step 3:

Cash Offer Estimate

We will visit your house to develop a sales strategy. Many times we make a CASH offer on the spot, providing you with the best solution to sell your property AS IS, without repairs.

Step 4:

Sell Your House for CASH

We enter into a contractual agreement and you collect FULL payment in less than 30 days! Unlike others, we keep in contact with our clients on a weekly basis.

Avoid the Seller's Rut!

Let’s discuss a fair deal: 267.214.8713

Often times we find motivated Sellers, like yourself, who have a great opportunity and let it pass by because they are in the Seller's Rut. The Seller's Rut happens when a Seller finds him/herself in a rut, wondering why their house won't sell while other houses with the same number of beds and baths sell. Let us help you avoid the Seller's Rut!

We pay CASH with NO contingencies for financing. We skip a lot of the added costs retail selling adds and pay you cash after we reach an agreement. This strategy allows us to be quick and agile. We can discuss the benefits of this type of strategy over the phone.

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