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What We Offer

We offer CASH solutions for property owners in the Fishtown area!

Cash offers

Easy, fair, and honest quotes. Don't pay extra on commissions, bank fees, or add-on charges. Contact us today!

Hard money loans

Let us help you find a customized solution for your property, whether that's a cash offer or a hard cash loan.

Real estate services

We'll personally meet you at your house, so we can discuss the best options for your individual sale and offer.

How did we start, you ask?

We are dedicated to serving you with honesty & fairness

Adam and I met in Fort Benning, GA when we reported to Basic Training in 2010. Between the crawling through mud and yelling Drill Sergeants, Adam and I somehow managed to form a friendship based on our mutual interest in real estate.

Our military careers took different and equally fulfilling paths. Adam became an Engineer Officer and I became an Apache pilot. We kept in touch throughout our military careers and spent our free time dreaming up Offer Climb.

We guide Offer Climb by the same ethics and values we learned as Soldiers: Honor, Integrity, Respect.

We take pride in our business with you.

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Our Team

One of our professionals will personally meet you at the house, so we can make a fair offer











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Team Member

We promise fast purchases, no fees, and personal service

  • Sell your house in DAYS not MONTHS
  • We always make FULL CASH offers.
  • Your house purchased in “AS IS” condition
  • You do not have to make ANY repairs
  • NO appraisals are required
  • NO costly real estate commissions
  • NO closing costs
  • NO extra or hidden costs
  • We PERSONALLY purchase the house from you


Need Help Selling Your Fishtown, PA House?

If you’re struggling to sell your Fishtown, PA home, please read all the following information. There is a solution out there and it’s easier than you think. Our services can provide you with a cash offer in a matter of hours that’s both legitimate and fair.

Traditional home selling is full of unwanted hurdles. Between agents who don’t seem to care, inconvenient open houses, and aggravating inspections, we understand why so many give up on selling their homes. But we can buy your Fishtown, PA home. In fact, we would love to.

If you have your suspicions, at least give us a call and learn more about what we offer. We’re confident that our experience and advice will provide you with the trust you need to move forward.

Let’s set up an appointment and explore your home. Once you have our offer, you can take as much time to review it as you need. We’ll never pressure you into selling.

We can buy your Fishtown, PA home quickly and easily. Don’t worry if your home isn’t perfect. We buy homes that need work and updating. You won’t have to lift a finger.

What are you waiting for? Let’s get your home sold! Contact us today.


Are You Thinking About Selling Your Fishtown, PA Home to Us?

If so, we think it’s a great idea. Our passion for buying homes and our experience in the industry makes us stronger than the competition. We’re also fair. Unlike traditional selling, you won’t be left wondering if you should have handed over the keys.

We believe in creating a positive experience for both buyer and seller. If you sell us your home, we’ll make sure that you walk away confident in your decision.

Have you turned down offers on your home? If so, they were probably insultingly low. We don’t do that to our clients. Our offers are fair, every time, no matter the state of your home.

We know that selling can be complicated but we also know that there are other ways to complete the job.

Let us explain our process to you. We’re sure you’ll like what you hear.

We buy homes in Fishtown, PA and would love it if yours was our next favorite deal.

If you need to sell your house fast, we’re ready to talk.

Let our passion for providing solutions speak for itself. We’re great at what we do, which is buying homes in Fishtown, PA.

To make the first step in selling your home, call us at: (267.214.8713)


We Work Like Crazy So That You Can Stay Sane

We’re experts in buying homes that won’t sell. So, when you say: “I want to sell my house fast” and no one listens, give us a try. We promise we will.

Some homes are harder to sell than others. If you’re starting to believe that your home will never sell, now is the time to talk. Don’t let your stress hold you down anymore. We can get your home sold.

We buy homes in the Fishtown, PA area because of the people. We love providing solutions for those who need them.

Selling your home doesn’t have to consume your life. Let us help.

At Offer Climb, we work around the clock to solve our clients’ selling problems.

Reach out to us today for your FREE consultation. It won’t take long to see if we can help you. Call us at: (267.214.8713)

We buy homes in any condition, fast, for cash.

All communications are completely confidential and there is no obligation whatsoever.

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